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Thank you Patuxent Elementary School!

I wanted to say a special "thank you" to Principal Glenda Washington, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Hazel and the 5th Grade Class of Patuxent Elementary School (Upper Marlboro, MD) for allowing me to visit last week on Career Day. I had a wonderful time speaking with you all. The students were inquisitive, polite, and asked great questions. When I asked what they wanted to be in life, I received an assortment of answers. The students have big dreams and I can’t want to see what you all chose to become in life.

Students, always remember that your teachers want you to go far. They work everyday to teach you some of the skills that you will need to do well.

Best wishes for a bright future!
Barbara Erby-Young

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Happy Birthday BDS!

Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC was founded 7 years ago today!

To all of the families that have worked with us over the 7 years: Thank you for allowing us to continue serving your family. It has been a joy to watch the growth and progress that your children have made.

To our Technicians, Consultants and Administrative Team (past and present): Thank you for pouring yourselves into BDS. Your dedication to our growth and success is amazing. You all share passion for helping others that shines from within in you. I am impressed daily by your drive to learn more and do more. You are truly dedicated to making a difference and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of co-workers.

Happy birthday (anniversary) to us!

Barbara Erby-Young


Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC


Stay in touch

By Barbara Erby-Young

I realized something special the other day... People who were clients and moved to other regions tend to stay in touch with us. We have had families move to the South and the Western regions, but we still know how the kids are progressing. We get pictures and emails all the time.

Parents who plan on moving, or who have just moved, tend to put us in touch with the child's new team so that we can make the transition as smooth as possible. You would think after that point, it would be it. However, years latter, we are still in contact. I love getting a chance to stay in touch with our students as the grow up. Although they are not right here, it's good to know that they are doing well in their new homes.

If you are moving (or have moved) to our area, we would love to have an opportunity to meet with you as well as speak to your previous (current) team. Feel free to contact us today. Visit http://www.BDSHelps.com/contact-us today!

Family Training

“To change the way your child operates, you have to change yourself!” ~Barbara Erby

Our Family Training program goes more in depth to help with your mindset, building community, and planning for your child's future. We are going to help you erase thoughts like "My child can't do that because…" and replace them with, "Here is how we can help my child succeed…"

We will show you ways to help maximize your child's successes and teach you how to encourage your student to interact with others. Get ready to explore planning and goals setting for you and your child, discuss key challenges that your child faces and how we (you, your family, BDS and your child’s community) can help them with those challenges. We will talk about what motivates your child, current and future employment options, life transitions, and a host of other topics.

Interested in learning more? Send an email to Info@BDSHelps.com or call 1-855-255-5270.