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It’s a warm and wonderful Friday morning in the DC area and we are looking forward to great temperatures today. Good morning!

If you know me, or have had the chance to subscribe to our newsletter, then you know I like to share my resources. I recently ran across an article entitled Take it Outside! by Rae Pica. In the article, Ms. Pica makes a good argument for children going outside to play. She mentions that some adults greatest memories from childhood were playing outside. With me, she would be right. I used to spend hours outside as a child - riding my bike, climbing trees, playing with friend, or just smelling the flowers in the yard.

On days like today when it’s nice and warm out, and (most) children have been kept inside because of the cold temps, I feel like it’s important to get outside for a while. Honestly, even I take my work outside when I can on warm days (check my Twitter and Facebook feeds). Fresh air and exercise have been long thought to be important to staying healthy – and who am I to contradict that?

If you can, I encourage you to move your work sessions outside today where you can enjoy the great weather. It is such a great reward to be able to work and play outside. I also encourage you to read Ms. Pica's article which was posted on the Earlychildhood News website.

Enjoy your day and the weather!


Barbara Erby is an Education & Behavioral Consultant with Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC. Barbara received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Bowie State University in 1999 and a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Educational Psychology and an emphasis in Developmental Psychology from Capella University in 2004. Ms. Erby has worked with a variety of students in the school, home, and community environments as a Direct Care Worker, Family Trainer, and an Education & Behavioral Consultant.

Behavioral Technicians

The technician is the direct care worker (sometimes referred to Therapists, Instructors, or 1:1 Aides) teach new skills and provide support our students/clients in their home and community. BDS works with, and trains, technicians in the principles of applied behavior analysis/verbal behavior. Technicians are responsible for providing and documenting evidence of work completed under the client’s specific Treatment Plan and Behavior Plan as written by the Educational & Behavioral Consultant. Behavioral Technicians also attend monthly Team Meetings and quarterly trainings.

We currently have three different levels of technicians which are based on education and experience levels:

  • Behavioral Technician
  • Advanced Behavioral Technician
  • Behavioral Support Staff

If you are searching for a Technician or interested in becoming one, feel free to contact our Human Resources Department.

Telephone: 240-355-0834

Email: HR@BDSHelps.com

Web: http://www.BDSHelps.com/Employment.aspx

Sharpening Your Success

by Danielle M. Miller

One of the hardest questions I ask people who come to me for coaching is for them to give me their definition of success.  Most give me what society has deemed as successful: money, recognition, material possessions, freedom, etc., because that is what we have been conditioned to believe quantifies success.

People often don’t understand the difference between society’s given perception of success and their own personal definition.  In order to move into understanding  of one’s self, it is essential that you are able to define what success is to you.  You must decide what your life would look like if order for you to achieve success.

This type of thinking often is difficult for people to sort of wrap their minds around because what constitutes success has been ingrained in our minds for so long.

The idea here is that unless you can clearly envision your ultimate life you will not be able to make it happen.  It’s like when you were in school and the overhead projector was out of focus; the teacher would have to turn the glass one way or another to try to get the information in focus and then AHHH…clear as could be.

Remember your success is truly your own.  When you align your goals and your values, your success will be crystal clear!

Danielle Miller is One Smart Cookie. She empowers women to not just step into their brilliance, but LEAP into it with passion, purpose and joy! Learn to Create the Life You Crave….with Sizzle and Spice! Get your motivation recipe at http://www.myrecipeforlife.com

A Special Message

Hello everyone!

We wanted to pause for a moment to say thank you for your continued support. We have come a long way since 2007 and we know that we wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for each of you. We all value the love and attention that you have given to BDS in the last few years and hope that you will continue to help us make a difference. We just wanted to say, “Thank you!”