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5 Quick and Easy Travel Tips

As we approach the end of the school year and we prepare for the travel season, there may be a few of you that need help preparing for trips. So, here are 5 quick and easy travel tips to help you plan for your upcoming vacation.

  1. Have something to help keep your child occupied. Items like portable DVD players, games, books, or even a favorite toy can help ease the anxiety of travel. Don’t forget the headphones, if your child will wear them.
  2. Bring some snacks. I am one of those people who gets a bit cranky when I haven’t eaten, so I always remember to pack something to snack on. If you are bring a cooler, don’t forget the reusable freezer packs, or freeze a bottle of water to keep help everything cold.
  3. Prepare a schedule. Many people do better with a schedule of events. You don’t need to include times, but you can include locations. For example, if you were driving from DC to Philly then include places and landmarks that you will pass along the way. If you know that you will be stopping at certain point (like if you always stop at Maryland House), then include that on the schedule. You can name the locations as you pass them to help your child along the way.
  4. Take breaks, especially when taking longer trips. Consider stopping to explore along the way. This will also give your child a chance to burn off some extra energy along the way.
  5. If you will be traveling by airplane contact the airline for help with accommodations. Don’t forget to contact the Transportation Security Administration as well. Their TSA Cares program has a webpage ( help line that provides information for travelers. You can reach TSA Cares toll-free at 1-855-787-2227.

Do you have other suggestions that may be helpful? Feel free to leave them below.

Safe travels,

Barbara Erby-Young

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Meeting Day!

Today was meeting day! I had a chance to sit down in my office (and go out to lunch) today with Tammy Ferraco of T-Ten Services. Tammy is an old co-worker, longtime friend, and BCBA who provides services to children who have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities. We wanted to get together to work on the final touches for our part in the 2013 Children’s Festival taking place on April 13th.

It is important to meet with people so that you can review information. Tammy and I both believe that meeting with your team members is the best way to make sure that you are all in accordance with each other and are staying true to the focus and goals of your program.

Wait… back up. Did you just say, what Children’s Festival? Well, Judah Temple AME Zion Church is having a Children’s Festival in Support of Autism Awareness Month. BDS and T-Ten wanted to lend our support by being on hand to provide attendees with information about Autism. We at BDS and T-Ten appreciate Judah Temple’s dedication to Autism acceptance and awareness and are eager to help support them.

If you are interested in learning more about the festival, you can view the flyer by visiting The event is open to children of all ability levels. If you would like to attend, register at so that they are able to get a general count of how many people plan on attending.

Barbara Erby
President/Education & Behavioral Consultant
Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC

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Signs of Spring

Take a moment and just breathe in.... and release. It's March... already. Where did the first two months run off to? I'm not upset. While I think snow is pretty in pictures, I'm not a big fan of the cold. I am a fan of nice spring days and while it does bring some congestion. I get to continue my week of excitement because Spring officially begins on March 20! Yes, I know that is over a week away. However, one of my true signs of Spring starts this weekend. Besides the wind and rain (and apparently the snow) we have already received, daylight savings time is set to begin this Sunday, March 10th at 2 am.

I love being able to get the kids back outside more. Especially some of our students that have class all day. It is great to be able to get out an take a walk with them and teach about the wonders of nature. Although we lose an hour in our "spring forward," having that extra hour of daylight in the evening is great. Don't forget to set your clocks for the change on Saturday night before you head off to bed.

Have a great weekend!

Barbara Erby

President/Education & Behavioral Consultant

Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC

New Year’s Resolutions?

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.  ~Author Unknown


Each year people make New Year’s Resolutions. Well, I learned a long time ago that I wouldn’t keep them. However, I did learn that setting goals each year works for me. I don’t know why the change in language works, but it does. Sometimes the goals are abstract, sometimes they are concrete, but they are mine and I own them.

During this time of year, I also like to help students and their families work on their goals. That’s why this month is Program Review and Assessment Month. It is during this time of year that we take a look at what each of our student has accomplishing and set new short-term goals as well as adjust the long-term ones.

I also like to take time at this point in the year to celebrate the BDS Behavioral Technicians. They are so important to helping each of our students succeed. They spend so much time working to help support out students. So to help kick their year off right, we also call this Rising Star Month.

During Rising Star Month, we ask that you all write in and tell us why you love your Technicians. You don’t have to limit it to praise, we welcome all feedback that you can provide. The best way to help our star Technicians increase their skills is to tell us what they are doing right and wrong so that we can provide more guidance or resources where necessary. Send your feedback to

Thank you so much for continuing to read our blog, following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, and checking out our website. If you are in need of assistance, services, or just have a question for us, feel free to use our Contact Us form, email us at or give us a call at 240-355-0834.

Have a safe, happy, and prosperous year,

Barbara Erby


Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC

Did you know? Saving a few bucks…

We know that materials for home programs can be expensive. Every little bit of money saved can make a difference in the level or amount of services that you are also able to afford. Did you know that some sites will give you a coupon for a percentage off during your child's birthday month? Sites like Melissa & Doug offer a coupon to their newsletter subscribers. If you know of other sites that would be helpful to our readers, feel free to post them in the comment section below.