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Thank you Patuxent Elementary School!

I wanted to say a special “thank you” to Principal Glenda Washington, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Hazel and the 5th Grade Class of Patuxent Elementary School (Upper Marlboro, MD) for allowing me to visit last week on Career Day. I had a wonderful time speaking with you all. The students were inquisitive, polite, and asked great questions. When I asked what they wanted to be in life, I received an assortment of answers. The students have big dreams and I can’t want to see what you all chose to become in life.

Students, always remember that your teachers want you to go far. They work everyday to teach you some of the skills that you will need to do well.

Best wishes for a bright future!
Barbara Erby-Young

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Happy Birthday BDS!

Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC was founded 7 years ago today!

To all of the families that have worked with us over the 7 years: Thank you for allowing us to continue serving your family. It has been a joy to watch the growth and progress that your children have made.

To our Technicians, Consultants and Administrative Team (past and present): Thank you for pouring yourselves into BDS. Your dedication to our growth and success is amazing. You all share passion for helping others that shines from within in you. I am impressed daily by your drive to learn more and do more. You are truly dedicated to making a difference and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of co-workers.

Happy birthday (anniversary) to us!

Barbara Erby-Young


Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC

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Signs of Spring

Take a moment and just breathe in…. and release. It’s March… already. Where did the first two months run off to? I’m not upset. While I think snow is pretty in pictures, I’m not a big fan of the cold. I am a fan of nice spring days and while it does bring some congestion. I get to continue my week of excitement because Spring officially begins on March 20! Yes, I know that is over a week away. However, one of my true signs of Spring starts this weekend. Besides the wind and rain (and apparently the snow) we have already received, daylight savings time is set to begin this Sunday, March 10th at 2 am.

I love being able to get the kids back outside more. Especially some of our students that have class all day. It is great to be able to get out an take a walk with them and teach about the wonders of nature. Although we lose an hour in our “spring forward,” having that extra hour of daylight in the evening is great. Don’t forget to set your clocks for the change on Saturday night before you head off to bed.

Have a great weekend!

Barbara Erby

President/Education & Behavioral Consultant

Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC

Helping One Another Even in Hardtimes

Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will. ~Jawaharal Nehru

People are often worried about what they do or don’t have. Honestly, some of the happiest people that I have seen in my lifetime haven’t had a lot. But they kept pushing on and through their difficult situations to better times. When I read the quote by Jawaharal Nehru, it reminded me of a poem written by William Ernest Henley entitled Invictus. The closing lines of the poem read, “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

Today’s quote and Mr. Henley’s poem remind us that we can take back control of our lives to make them better. We can become the people that we would like to be, just as our children can become the people that they would like to be. It is up to each of us as parents, guardians, teachers, mentors, elders, or whatever else you may be to a youth to teach them to be independent and productive members of society. We also need to teach them how to be helpful to others in need, but that begins with being helpful ourselves and modeling that behavior for our children.

Most people will counter this with, “I don’t have the money to help someone else.” However, you should keep in mind that helping someone can take as little time as a few seconds and is not bound to money. If each one of us helped two people and those people helped two people, could you imagine how many people could be touch by kindness?

Today’s action step: There are a few action steps for today. The first is to smile as you walk past someone and say, “Hello.” You never know who might just need that small thing to make their day better and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Second, check in on someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while. I know that we all get busy and involved in our own lives, but it can be helpful to re-connect with those that we haven’t seen or spoken to. Try to think of some ways that you can help someone that doesn’t cost a thing. I’ll start you out with donating clothes that you aren’t using to someone (or an organization) that can. Okay, now get out there and help someone!