Too Many Toilet Paper Rolls?

I think many of us are at home with our kids. A lot of parents were concerned about their kids being in the house with little to do, or not learning.  

So, I starting thinking about things to do to increase or extend learning. I think we all realize that people purchased a ton of paper products. Since so many people are stuck in the house, I decided to find something to do with the toilet paper rolls. I posted the activities I found, along with many others to the BDS Pinterest Page. If you are looking for interesting and fun ways to extend learning activities, look there. Check out the Spring or Crafts boards for themed activities.

You can always take the activities a step further by mixing colors when painting, having a child imitate (verbally or physically) what you are doing, or having a child identify items when doing any activity. The possibilities are endless.  Also, remember that we are here to help. Feel free to contact our staff members for questions concerning how to implement or generalize an activity that we placed in your treatment plan. 

Have a wonderful day,