Our Core Values

Our Core Principles are our W.I.L.L Believe it or not, most of it cost us nothing. So, you could say it’s free WILL.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Taking care of yourself is important. Weather it’s a “Sick Day,” “Mental Health Day,” or a vacation it is imperative that you take care of you. Going to the doctor and knowing when to relax shouldn’t be luxuries. We aim to treat the whole person and provide the high-quality services while keeping ourselves healthy and encourage our patients to do the same.


Thinking inside and outside the box, making the box a pentagon or star if need be. We don’t rest on the “tried and true.” We are willing to implement other scientifically proven theories and techniques or apply them in a new way. We are willing to ethically study a hypothesis or theory from another field and see how is may be implemented in ours.


As scholar-practitioners, we are constantly learning as we apply our craft. We also encourage mentorship, continuing education, research and continual reading of journal articles. We love to learn new things it doesn’t matter if it is about a culture, language, or behaviorism. We want to take it all in.


JFK is quotes as saying, “A rising tides lifts all the boats.” As we learn and master skills, techniques, and principles we are able to implement technology, synthesize and form hypotheses, research, study, and teach others who also want to learn (dissemination of information).