“Finding the right people for clients!”

The BDS Human Resources Department hires staff members who are committed to the growth and development of our clients. Below are the answers to questions the most asked questions we receive from people applying for a position. For our current openings click here.

What days are open for someone to work?

We have open hours Sunday through Saturday.

I’m a college student. Can I still work around my class schedule?

Absolutely! We love to have people around us with a growth mentality and feel that education is important. We try to build teams with at least 2 people on them (in a perfect world, more) so that our staff members can study for their exams.

Is there potential for growth within the company?

At Breakthrough Developmental Services, we hire from within first. We ask our current staff members if they would like additional hours and look at their qualifications before hiring someone else.

How many hours can I work each week? 

How many hours would you like to work? The availability of hours depends on the student’s schedule and the staff member’s schedules syncing up well. Our staff may also be in school and we understand the constraints of that along with family and everyday life. We ask that people work a minimum of 10 hours per week, but would love for staff to work additional hours. We have times available on the weekends as well.

What about weather related closings?

We generally follow the PG County School System for office closings; however, we make exceptions when a client or staff member lives in another location.

Are holidays paid?

We don’t offer paid holidays. Many of us work on the holidays because most of our clients are home and we can move smoothly from client to client without the traffic.

Do you allow people time off for religious observance?

Yes, but we need to know about it in advanced. We don’t want to have you on the schedule for tomorrow and you tell us today you need the day off.

What areas does BDS cover?

We work in DC, Maryland and Virginia. We are also available for distance services.

Is this a center-based program?

Most of the services that we offer take place in the home or community of our clients.

What methodology do you follow?

We use applied behavior analysis to help our students learn new skills.

Do you provide training?

Yes, there are several trainings that staff members must complete before working with a BDS family.

I saw something about RBT and BCaBA on the job announcement. What are these?

RBT stands for Registered Behavior Technician and BCaBA stands for Board Certified Assistance Behavior Analyst. These are 2 of the certifications in behavior analysis.

Where can I find more information about certification?

You can visit the website for the Behavior Analysis Certification Board at

I have experience working in a daycare. Will this qualify as classroom experience?

No, classroom and daycare are very different.

What is the difference between Behavior Support Staff and Consultant?

A consultant with BDS is responsible for working with a family to construct learning programs and help the client become more independent in the family. The Behavior Support Staff implement the programs that are written by the IISS Supervisor.