About Us

Breakthrough Developmental Services utilizes the principles of applied behavior analysis to develop learning programs for people with developmental, learning and intellectual disabilities. Through interviews, observations and assessments, we provide an individually tailored program to meet your unique needs. Our intervention plans take into account current abilities as well as future goals. What can we do for you? Click here to Take the 1st Step towards speaking with a consultant in your area.

At Breakthrough Developmental Services (BDS), we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people through the use of applied behavior analysis (ABA). At BDS we believe, that everyone can be assisted towards gaining greater independence and confidence. Additionally, it is the goal of the company and our staff to promote a greater understanding of ABA in the larger community.
What Makes BDS Different?

1. We help with staffing… BDS has trained staff available.

2. We take steps to minimize team turnover… Competitive pay, excellent training, supervision, feedback, and input from our technicians contribute to their overall job security, satisfaction, and loyalty.

3. We provide you with curriculum… We provide comprehensive and functional curriculum programs tailored to meet your child’s individual needs.

4. We help with skill tracking… We provide your team with a way to effectively record what your child is learning.

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = A perfect 10 for our clients!