BDS offers supervision to people pursuing their certification (BCBA or BCaBA). We can also complete the Competency Assessment for people seeking to become Registered Behavior Technicians. We do this through “Within Agency” Supervision or “Outside of Agency” Supervision.

“Within Agency” BCBA/BCaBA Supervision is provided to people who work with this organization. Unlike with Behavior Support Staff, those persons completing this supervision do not have a limit on their driving range. We assign you to clients with the goal of helping you attain the most varied experience possible. Those being supervised must complete a minimum of 20 direct hours each week. Payment for these hours is based on the BSS/RBT rate. Additionally, the supervisee must complete a minimum of 10 indirect hours that are not paid. The indirect hours are not paid because we cannot seek reimbursed under any program we work with. The BACB now requires people receiving supervision get a minimum of 20 experience hours per month, but no more than 130 experience hours per month (see the BACB website).

You don’t have to work for us to receive Supervision. If you would like a Supervision Contract that is not under the above requirements, we can complete and “Outside of Agency” Supervision Contract. Under this contract, you would need to find your own clients and pay the organization for all supervision hours (contacts and observations) that we complete. Hours for these meetings are billed to the supervisee at the BCBAs normal hourly rate. You would then be free to complete the hours as you wished, but in alignment the BACB requirements.

Prior to either type of supervision, people requesting supervision should do the following:

  • Review the BACB website sections about supervision;
  • Complete the Pre-experience Checklist;
  • Review the Tip Sheet for Supervised Experience;
  • Review the FAQs for the Monthly Experience System;
  • Sit down with the BCBA for a meeting about informed consent and the supervision contract, ethics review, and the supervision services review to make sure we are on the same page; and
  • Review the 4thEdition Task to decide which skills you know or need more help with. Mark the items you know with a plus sign (+), the concepts you are not sure of with a question mark (?), and the ones you don’t know with a minus sign (-).

All of these steps are not required by the BACB. We like to make sure people have the greatest amount of information before beginning with us. We will be using the Monthly Experience System. Please understand that your supervision is pretty much like another class and requires a good bit of time and dedication.

Interested in either option? Have questions? Email us at [email protected].